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Beachhandball Cup 2017 in the Ostseeresort Damp Sun, beach and many goals Date: 12-14.05.2017 For the second time in Damp we will „play in the sand”, because we combine at our Beachhandball Cup, holiday and the greatest pastime in the world. The “Ballfreunde” have best conditions for an exciting Teamtrip: - Best Handball in a holidayparadise in the sand - International teams from whole Europe - a lot of gametime for ALL teams: min. 8 games - Survivalparcours, Shot power measurement, and more - Big opening ceremony and beachparty on friday an saturday - Excellent accommodation close to the beach and short ways on-site - Entrence in the “Entdeckerbad” and in the “Fun & Sports Center” inkl. - City-, adventure- and  nature trips and more Categories E-Youth: Mixed (Born 2006/2007 and younger) D-Youth: Male and female (Born 2004/2005 and younger) C-Youth: Male and female (Born 2004/2005 and younger) B-Youth: Male and female (Born 2004/2005 and younger) A-Youth: Male and female (Born 2004/2005 and younger) Contact Tim Warther Tel.: +49 (0)151-54026151 E-Mail: timwarther@ballfreunde.com Homepage: http://www.ballfreunde.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ballfreunde.fanpage/?fref=ts